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Yes, SSA/Purchasing Section processes all solicitations for goods and the majority of the solicitations for services. For Public Works solicitations, there are certain guidelines that Orangewood Children's Home shall follow to determine if a Solicitation will be handled by SSA/Purchasing or SSA/Facilities Services.

SSA - Social Services Agency.

Solicitation - a request for Quote, Bid or Proposal.

RFQ - Request for Quote is an informal verbal/written request for quotes for goods/services that due to the small monetary limit does not requires a formal solicitation.

IFB - Invitation for Bid is a formal solicitation of documents used for acquiring supplies, services or equipment from vendors/suppliers. SSA/Purchasing will evaluate the bids received and determine the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, then makes a contract award.

RFP - Request for Proposal is a formal solicitation from vendors/suppliers. An evaluation team chaired by SSA/Purchasing is comprised by three or more members selected based on their qualifications and expertise to review proposals and make the recommendation for award. The contract award is based on the highest score obtained on all pre-established evaluation criteria including the budget; however, the decision is not made solely on the lowest bid.

The Social Services Agency/Purchasing Section is authorized to do business with vendors/suppliers on behalf of all SSA divisions. SSA divisions are requesting various commodities or services to be purchased to fulfill their operational needs. SSA/Purchasing conducts business in accordance with County of Orange Purchasing Policy and Procedures and County of Orange Risk Management requirements under the supervision and control of the Board of Supervisors. In addition, each County Agency has implemented internal procedures specific to the nature of their operations.

Vendors/suppliers may conduct business with the Social Services Agency by participating/responding to various solicitations such as: Request for Quote (RFQ), Invitation for Bid (IFB) or Request for Proposals (RFP).  A solicitation process is followed by an evaluation process. Once the evaluation is finalized, an award is made and a purchasing document/contract is executed.   Vendors/suppliers shall receive such document from SSA/Purchasing prior to making a delivery or providing a service. Per Contract Overruns Board Policy adopted in January 2005, unless this process is followed, SSA makes no guarantee that vendors/suppliers will be reimbursed for their goods/services. In order to be notified of a solicitation, vendors/suppliers shall register on-line with the County of Orange via Internet.

There is a specific format used based on the type of solicitation (IFB/RFP); furthermore, there are specific instructions and requirements listed on each solicitation (either on-line or in the solicitation package). Vendors/suppliers shall follow these instructions and fulfill the requirements in order for their bid/proposal to be considered responsive and responsible during the evaluation process. The Solicitation instructions pertain to the document format and/or the bid/proposal sections that are required to be completed and submitted with the bid/proposal response. The solicitation requirements are specific to the goods/services requested, such as: proof of insurance, bonds, references, etc. If, for any reason, a Solicitation's specifications or Scope of Services are unclear or confusing a solicitation protest can be filed before the due date (closing date) of the solicitation. If, upon review of bids/proposals, a vendor/supplier disagrees with the contract award, a protest to the contract award may be filed immediately but no later than five (5) working days of notification of award of contract received from the County. Protest Procedures are incorporated on all solicitations (IFB/RFP).

The Social Services Agency Purchasing Section posts all solicitations on-line where vendors/suppliers can review them. A solicitation (IFB/RFP) may be either fully electronic or is posted only on-line as a notification (this will be stated in the solicitation text). A fully electronic solicitation requires vendors/suppliers to complete their response on-line, whereas, Posting Only Solicitation requires that vendors/suppliers will officially request in writing a solicitation package (IFB/RFP), and submit completed documents as instructed. Additional purchasing information and bid opportunities are available at the County of Orange Internet website. For specific information on purchasing and bid opportunities, please visit: and

Vendors or suppliers are encouraged to register at the Orange County Internet website in order to receive email notification of bid opportunities.

Yes, but call the Department of Child Services that is enforcing your order right away. Ask them to review your case for adjustment. They will file a motion with the court to modify your support order. The court can also modify the child support order if you lost your job through no fault of your own.