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CalFresh Employment & Training (CFET)/ General Relief Work Program (GRWP)


The CFET/GRWP oversees the development of governmental and non-profit work sites, assigns GR Employable applicants and recipients to those sites, and ensures that the hours worked are credited at the California State minimum wage against repayable GR benefits paid.  The CFET/GRWP also monitors work site performance and job searches conducted by the Employable and Conditionally Employable GR client.


Each non-exempt member of the GR Household must comply with the requirements of the mandatory GR Work Program; participation in CFET is voluntary.

Time Limits

General Relief benefits for clients who are not considered incapacitated or Conditionally Employable, shall not exceed 90 days out of any twelve (12) month period.


Sanctions shall be applied when a member of the GR household fails or refuses without good cause to follow eligibility and program requirements.


The following persons are exempt from participation in the CFET/GR Work Program:

  • An incapacitated person

  • An adult aged 65 or older

  • An adult responsible for the care of a member of the household on a substantially continuous basis

  • Other as  specified in the GR Regulations Manual