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CalFresh Quality Control Unit

Colorful photo of different types of food including fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese and milkThe CalFresh Quality Control Unit is a part of the Administrative Services Division – Quality Support Team of the Orange County Social Services Agency.  The unit is comprised of eight quality control reviewers who are responsible for reviewing a sampling of cases provided by the State.

ATTENTION:  If you do not cooperate with Quality Control, your CalFresh benefits may be terminated and your future benefits may be denied. In addition, your case may be referred to the Special Investigations Unit for willful misrepresentation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

What is a CalFresh quality control review?

CalFresh Quality Control is a process for reviewing CalFresh cases. Federal law requires random CalFresh cases to be reviewed every month in all states. CalFresh Quality Control looks for two things:

  1. The household is receiving the right amount of CalFresh benefits.
  2. The local CalFresh agency is processing cases correctly. 

Why was my case chosen by Quality Control? 

Cases are randomly chosen each month by the State for a quality control review. If your case is selected for a review, it is not because you did anything wrong or because there is a problem.

Is my information confidential?
Yes. The information you give the quality control reviewer is confidential and will only be used by those authorized by law.

Do I have to participate in the review?
Yes. If your case is chosen for a quality control review, you must cooperate with the review. A review will include an interview, and the reviewer will request documentation. If you refuse to cooperate with a quality control review, your CalFresh benefits will be discontinued, and you will not be eligible until you cooperate or until the sanction expires.


What letters can I expect to receive and what forms will I be expected to complete?

The letters/forms listed below are commonly used; however, other forms may be required for you to complete. (You may click on some of the letter/form name to see an example)

QC Introduction Letter 

QC Appointment Letter

QC Authorization Release Information Form 

Household Composition Form 

Housing Statement 


What documents will I need for the review?
The quality control reviewer may ask for documentation from when you first applied or when you renewed your CalFresh case. They may also ask for current documentation such as: 

  1. Who is living in your home. This includes your household composition, living arrangements and if you purchase and prepare meals with others living in your home.
  2. All earned and unearned income (paystubs including self-employment, unemployment, disability, SSI/SSP, etc.).
  3. Expenses (rent, mortgage, childcare, medical bills, etc.).
  4. Utilities (electric, gas, phone, etc.).
  5. Vital stats (birth certificate, ID, SSN, etc.).
  6. Resources/assets (bank accounts, stock accounts, homes, real property, lands, vehicles, etc.)

What happens after the CalFresh quality control review?
Once the interview is completed and the reviewer has looked at all the information, a decision will be made on whether your CalFresh benefits were issued correctly.

What happens if an error is found?
If an error is found, you will be informed by your local office of any change in benefits. You will have the right to appeal any change in benefits. Appeal information will be included in your notice. For quality improvement purposes, the results of your quality control review will also be sent to the California Department of Social Services CalFresh Quality Control and Improvement Section.  

Where can I get more information if my case is selected?
For more detailed information, please call the quality control reviewer at the number listed on your introduction or interview letter.


You may send your question(s) to the Quality Control Client Mail inbox and someone will answer your email within 2-3 business days.

Mission Statement

To support providing Orange County residents accurately determined CalFresh benefits.