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Extended Foster Care (AB12)

Extended Foster Care (EFC) (also referred to as Assembly Bill 12 or AB12) allows for current dependents or wards of the Juvenile Court to continue to have an open Social Services or Probation case and re-enter foster care up to age 21 if certain conditions are met.  Speak to your assigned Social Worker or Probation Officer for more information regarding EFC.  You can also click on the following to learn more about EFC.

NYTD SURVEY: If you took the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) Survey when you were 17, you have the opportunity to take it again now at age 19.  You will receive a $75.00 incentive payment for completing the NYTD survey. We’ve made it easy!  It’s as simple as using your Smart Phone to complete the survey in minutes. Learn more...