Social Services Agency Policies

 Access Orange County Electronic Mail (5.5 KB)
 Access To State Summary Criminal History Authority (5.3 KB)
 Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (68.1 KB)
 Anti-Harassment (83.7 KB)
 Auditor Controller Authorized Signatures (5.9 KB)
 Authorized Overtime (73.4 KB)
 Bilingual Pay Authorization (6.2 KB)
 Bloodborne Pathogens (69.1 KB)
 Bulk Mail Rate (5.8 KB)
 Catastrophic Leave Donations (5.7 KB)
 Charitable Organizations (6.4 KB)
 Civil Rights and Nondiscrimination and American with Disabilities Act, Title II (75.6 KB)
 Client Death or Incident Notifcation (6.8 KB)
 Communication with External Elected Officials and their Staff (5.7 KB)
 Communications With the Board of Supervisors (6.7 KB)
 Community Outreach Events (61.2 KB)
 Community Partners Program Donation (75 KB)
 Compliance Reviews Audits (7.1 KB)
 Conflict of Interest (71.4 KB)
 Consultant And Professional Services (7.4 KB)
 County Counsel Legal Advice (6.2 KB)
 Customer Care Tracking System (69.5 KB)
 Destruction of Paper Documents (81.8 KB)
 Distribution Of Paychecks (67.6 KB)
 Donations And Gifts (6.1 KB)
 Duty to Warn (7.1 KB)
 Education and Professional Reimbursement (114.7 KB)
 Emergency Preparedness (5.6 KB)
 Emergency Supplies Replacement (7.1 KB)
 Employee Discipline (5.6 KB)
 Employee Eligibility to Drive Vehicle on County Business (66 KB)
 Employee Liability (81.3 KB)
 Employee Owned Electrical Appliances (9 KB)
 Employee Separation from Social Services Employment (66.8 KB)
 Employee Trip Home\Rideshare Program (7.2 KB)
 Employment of Relatives (145.9 KB)
 Equal Employment Opportunity/Anti-Harrassment (83.7 KB)
 Expenses For Recognition Events (82.8 KB)
 Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens (69.1 KB)
 External Communications and Media Requests (7 KB)
 Extra Help Positions (7.4 KB)
 Facilities Planning and Acquisition (83.3 KB)
 Family Medical Leaves of Absence (84.6 KB)
 Fixed Capital Assets and Equipment (148.4 KB)
 Forms Requisition And Printing (5.6 KB)
 Grand Jury Responses and Contacts (6.1 KB)
 Grant Applications (72.3 KB)
 Grievance Processing (69.1 KB)
 Guidelines for Volunteer Services (6.5 KB)
 Information Technology Security and Usage (81.5 KB)
 Injury, Hazard Prevention (6.9 KB)
 Jury Duty and Witness Fee (8.3 KB)
 Leaves of Absence (68 KB)
 Legislation Coordination (69 KB)
 Loss of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) (6.3 KB)
 Loss or Damage of County Funds or Property (68.1 KB)
 Lowering Flags to Half-Staff (6.2 KB)
 Magnetic Photo Identification (8.5 KB)
 Mandated Abuse Reporting (9.1 KB)
 Mass Notification System: Alert OC/Alert SSA (71.6 KB)
 Mileage Reimbursement (70.1 KB)
 Military Leave of Absence (8.5 KB)
 Notifying County Counsl and Risk Management (69.8 KB)
 OCH Overtime Policy - Non OCH (5.9 KB)
 Off-Duty Social Activities (68.1 KB)
 Online Media (63.2 KB)
 On-The-Job Injury/Illness Report (6.7 KB)
 Operation Santa Claus and Senior Santa and Friends (71.2 KB)
 Personal Property Claims (7.3 KB)
 Personnel Tracking (7.7 KB)
 Photography and Videography in SSA Facilities (58.5 KB)
 Political Activity of Agency Personnel (6.9 KB)
 Position Classification Request (7.3 KB)
 Preparing and Processing Agenda Staff Report (69.4 KB)
 Probationary Release (66.9 KB)
 Real Estate and Purchasing Authority (67 KB)
 Referrals to Agencies and Professionals (6.6 KB)
 Reporting An Employee Death (70.3 KB)
 Reporting Facility Problems (6.8 KB)
 Requisition Approval Levels (59.1 KB)
 Requisitions For Space/Furniture (7 KB)
 Resolutions and Proclamations (6.3 KB)
 Response to Workplace Violence (6.6 KB)
 Rules of Conduct (6.5 KB)
 Sensitive Referrals-Cases (7.2 KB)
 Sign and Non English Language Interpretation Services (6.8 KB)
 Smoking Prohibition in County Buildings (6 KB)
 Speaking Engagements (70.7 KB)
 Special Incident Report (17.7 KB)
 SSA Fire Prevention Plan (6.6 KB)
 Subpoenas, Claims, 827 Petitions/Declarations, and Public Record Act Requests (74.1 KB)
 Telecommuting (75.8 KB)
 Temporary Classification Request (6.5 KB)
 Temporary Help Positions (9.1 KB)
 Temporary Promotion (83.4 KB)
 Training Development and Outcomes (6.6 KB)
 Transfer Policy for Eligibility Technicians (67.8 KB)
 Travel and Reimbursement (6.3 KB)
 Trip Reports (6.2 KB)
 Union Organizing, Access and Activities (60.6 KB)
 Use Of County Vehicles (73.7 KB)
 Use Of County-Owned Communication Devices - Equipment (6.8 KB)
 Use Of Intoxicants and Illegal Drugs (8.1 KB)