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How to Complete the Application

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Information for Restaurant Owners
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How to Complete the Restaurant Meals Program Application

Form FNS-252-2

Part 1 – Meal Service Types

Select Private For-Profit Restaurant* and indicate whether or not it is a franchise. *Restaurant is defined as a private for-profit establishment where meals are sold and served to customers, including in-store delis.

Part 2 – Sponsoring Organization or Business

Enter store information, or corporate information if the restaurant is owned by a corporation.

Part 3 – Specific Site Information-Site Where Meals Are Served

Must be filled out completely for each location, include the telephone number. The telephone number will appear on the bottom of the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) receipt. Include store number or franchise under Site Name (e.g., Taco Bell #4217). If more than three sites, list addition sites on a separate sheet of paper and attach using the same format. Enter manager information. Group Living Arrangement does not apply. Note: Information provided in this section will be used in an informational listing. This listing will be distributed to CalFresh recipients and posted online.

Part 4 – Ownership Information

This section applies and must include all owners/officers and spouses. Home address is required.

Part 5 – Business Information

All questions must be answered.

Part 6 – Agreement and Signature Block

  • All owners/officers listed in Part 4 must sign the application (original signatures required). Print and sign the application. If more than one owner, list additional owners(s) on a separate sheet of paper and follow the same format for additional signatures.
  • Attachment A and B – Meal Service Application Required Documentation List Keep Attachments A and B for your records.
  • Provide all required documentation listed in Attachment A. Include government issued photo identification card and a copy of a Social Security card of all owners/officers spouse.
    • Note: Identification documentation is not required for publicly-owned corporations.
  • Copy of the contract with the State agency is the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  • Copy of a valid business license. (A health permit and business license is required for each location. Must be current and have the correct location address/ownership).


Mail the signed application and MOU with all required supporting documentation to:

Orange County Social Services Agency
Attn: Restaurant Meals Program
500 N. State College Blvd., Suite 100
Orange, CA 92868