Other Info Needed When Applying For CalWORKs

  • Proof that countable property is below the $2000 limit (or $3,000 limit if a family member applying for aid is age 60 or older), such as:
    • Statements for bank accounts, and
    • Trust funds.
  • A car will not be counted in this limit if it is worth less than $4650.
  • A home will not be counted if the CalWORKs applicant is buying it and living in it.
  • Recipients may all set up a $5000 restricted use savings account for certain things approved by the worker according to regulations.
  • Proof that income is within limits set by federal law for the family size.
    • The worker will inform the applicant what is needed.
  • Proof of citizenship for all family members applying for aid who are citizens such as birth certificate, baptismal certificate, or other government document. If the applicant does not have proof of citizenship, more time can be allowed to provide proof after aid is approved.

There may be additional facts or proofs that the worker may need to find out to ensure that all the rules are met. The worker will give the applicant time to provide these. If the applicant needs help getting proofs, or needs help paying for proofs, the worker may help.

What To Bring When Applying For CalWORKs Cash Aid?

How To Apply For CalWORKs